Coláiste Choilm

Coláiste Choilm

Coláiste Choilm

Client: Department of Education, Ireland

Project: 600 student secondary school in Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

Contract Value: € 5.5 m

Handover date: October 2011

Rainwater harvesting - This project incorporated a rainwater harvesting system which has not only environmental and economic benefit but also raises awareness of water conservation amongst students and teachers of the school.   Rainwater is collected, filtered, and stored in a 12,000l underground tank for use to flush all urinals and toilets in the school.  A 'leaf-filter' system is used to remove pollutants and debris, diverting them to the main sewer.  Water is then pumped to a 6,000l header roof tank and gravity fed to the toilets.  A control panel interfaces both the underground and header tanks so that mains water supply is used as required where rainwater may not be available.  It is envisaged that as much as 450,000 litres of mains water are saved annually by using this system.

Community: This project is located in a residential area of Tullamore; Sisk liaised with the local community before and throughout construction to minimise nuisance.  Regular meetings took place throughout the project that involved Sisk site management and the local parent's association where updates were given on project progress.  

Site Management: This construction site was well set up and managed so that staff and visitors benefited from good quality office, welfare, and site facilities.   This supported good environmental management, nuisance reduction, and pollution prevention. There was particular focus on safety with the result that staff felt valued and safety incidents were reduced.  Quality was given proper attention and samples of all trades were done in advance of actual works; this resulted staff  who were clear at the outset of quality expectations, and who were more satisfied on completion of a zero snag finish.