Earlsdon Park

Earlsdon Park

Earlsdon Park

Client: MCD (Coventry) Ltd.

Project: Earlsdon Park, Coventry

Contract Value: £24m

Handover Date: April 2010

Awards: 2011 Green Apple Award winner. Awarded the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) rating of 'Excellent'

Natural light and ventilation: The building was designed so that orientation, office plan depth, and the central atrium all work together to provide high levels of natural light and ventilation. The atrium also facilitates heat recovery and helps to heat or cool the building as necessary.

Renewable energy: A ground source heat pump system linked to 1,375 linear metres of Integrated Service Modules (ISMs) with passive chilled beams integrated with luminaires provide an energy efficient alternative to traditional air-conditioning.  The heat pumps supply 47% of the total project energy demand and improve building CO2 demand to 23% above building regulation requirement.  Trench heating applied to office space perimeter provides an effective heat source where wall space is limited.  In cold weather the warm air that rises up through the atrium area and is passed through a heat exchanger which recovers the energy for fresh air ventilation.  Exposed concrete soffits together with a night-time ventilation strategy is another feature of this building.  As the concrete in the building has a large thermal mass it creates a dampening effect which prevents the building from overheating.  The concrete mass absorbs heat during the day where excess warm air is released during the night as windows open automatically. This reduces the cooling requirement of the passive chilled beam system and subsequently the overall demand for energy even further.

Water management: The building incorporates a rainwater harvesting system and water saving technology.

Material management: Over 70% of the aggregate used was derived from demolition material crushed on site.